Cloud Computing

Providing the best-in-class Cloud Computing Services using the latest technology such as AWS for your business to grow! 

Why Cloud Computing

Why Cloud Computing is the next big thing in the market. Almost all big companies in the industry give their utmost preference to having the best cloud computing services. You don’t need to buy, maintain, or exchange any asset for physical data centers or servers, as it would be considered a bad investment. Instead, you can invest in services that will provide you with digital centers that would include services like computing power, storage, and databases. Our team at GKSS will provide you with Amazon Web Services, the best cloud provider in the industry.

With the boom of cloud services, almost all the big companies use the cloud for different purposes such as data backup, storage, virtual desktops, recovery mails, web applications, and much more.

Following are the reason why you should consider giving Cloud Services utmost importance:

  • Storage and Backup: With cloud storage, your company’s important data will be stored. These storage centers are spread around the world and are always maintained. In case anything goes wrong and you lose your data, you can always recover it from the cloud.
  • Accessibility: You can access your data, quickly and at ease. The best thing about cloud services is that it allows you to access data from anywhere around the globe. Because of its easy and swift accessibility, it improves your organization’s productivity.
  • Maintenance Cost: Because of AWS, you can be assured that all data centers are maintained and regulated at all times. This brings down maintenance costs from your end, as you don’t need to buy physical assets for the same.
  • Security: One of the prime reasons why cloud services are preferred is because of the security it provides. Your data will be safe and secure as the cloud providers use advanced technology to keep your data intact.

Cloud Services with GKSS

Our team at GKSS consists of cloud developers that have an experience of more than 10 years in the industry. The cloud services that we offer include AWS and Microsoft Azure two of the most trusted and premium services used by every organization around the world. Our team will monitor all cloud-related issues 24/7 and make sure that your organization will get the best out of it.

A glimpse of some of our cloud services:

  • Our team will analyze your data and upload the important data into cloud storage and create a backup.
  • Using AWS, you will be provided with a virtual server for your cloud.
  • Using Amazon Lightsail, we will launch and manage the virtual private server for your business.
  • After Storage, our team will come up with database servers. These servers can be used to manage a high-performance relational database.

If you liked the idea, and want to install these cloud services in your organization, then check out our plans for further information. Get Cloud Services now!